Strategy & Methods

Proven techniques leading to successful web solutions



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    We begin the development process by asking the right questions, defining in detail all of your project goals and objectives.

    Once we have ascertained all of your objectives and goals, we complete a full market survey and competitive analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Using this information, we develop a method of approach.
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    After concluding our analysis we draft a comprehensive strategy to meet the project objectives. This process allows us to clearly map the project and determine any potential issues before beginning the development process.

    After we review the proposed project with you and make and necessary adjustments, these maps then become the blueprint for all future web development and targeted goals.
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    Following your approval, we use the website prototype as our blueprint to begin the development portion of the project.

    We code all of our websites following strict XHTML and CSS standards and often employ advanced PHP, MySQL and Javascript libraries for innovative functionality and animations. Every website we develop is SEO friendly and browser independent.
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