The first step in developing a successful web solution



The Big Picture

By using a methodical approach to fully understand your objectives and analysing your market, we are able to obtain a view of the bigger picture before proceeding with the development process. Establishing your goals up front ensures the rest of the project will proceed in the right direction without surprises. That’s why this portion of our approach is used in every project, large or small. By thinking strategically and looking at the big picture, your website, ERP system and offline identity all work in unison to achieve the same results.

Website Analysis

Before we begin mapping your website for design and development, we analyze your target audience and key markets. We quickly gather relavent information to better understand your target audience’s likes and dislikes and build a basic profile or what we refer to as a "market persona". As a generalized example, if your target market is wholesale and export we would  characterize your audience as experienced business professionals who expect a clean web design with easy, accessible, detailed information. In contrast, if your target market is retail children's clothing we conclude that your primary audience is women with various backgrounds between the ages of 20-40, who expect a web design that reflects quality, comfort with easy to understand navigation.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis allows us to understand what your competition's website is doing right and what your website could be doing better. Understanding what your competition is doing right on the web is extremely important. By using a standard set of criteria to evaluate your competitors websites, we can determine what web technologies to apply and what solutions you should prioritize. We then use this information to gain fresh insights, build or improve your web presence and examine new avenues and approaches to market and sell on the web.

SYstem Analysis

Our first step in integrating any ERP and CRM system we first perform an audit of your current system architecture including a detailed component review as well as analysis of capacity and scalability. Process flow of your current data management system and business processes. We then identify any potential risks to application security as well as application and system performance and reliability. By understanding and assessing your organizational structure we are able to select technologies that will promote integration rather than compartmentalization and create efficiencies, increase revenues and enhance productivity in the long term.