the first step in developing a successful web solution



Website Prototyping

The design of a website prototype is the critical first is step in the multistage process in the development of any website we create. Unlike many Chinese web design companies who overlook this process to save on time and costs, we believe it to be essential in success of any design. By taking the time to prototype a website we are able to focus more on the message our clients wish to convey and less on the graphic design which will be done at a later stage. Prototyping can be thought of more as a map for the placement of objects and content. It's important that our clients understand this and take part in the website prototyping process.

During the website prototyping phase we evaluate the overall balance of the form and function of the design. We express the design architecture by creating "grayblock prototypes". By prototyping the website architecture in a grayblock format, you are able to get a feel for how your website will be designed and function when it's live. We forgo the process of wire framing the website, which often completed during the project proposal process. By detailing the content display through a grayblock prototype, you will be able consider the general layout without focusing on the actual design elements which are often distracting in the prototyping process.

Once a grayblock prototype nears completion, the prototype is passed to the designers. In the development phase the designers will use the prototype layout as their blueprint for the final design, so their understanding of its features and insight on its functionality is complete, but before proceeding the designers will give suggested changes to layout or page flow. These suggestions are then passed on to you for approval before proceeding further.

ERP System Prototyping

Developing a custom ERP system to suit your objectives, the ERP needs to be prototyped with a clear understanding of the dynamics of your companies operations. SINC framework is solid application infrastructure built around those preexisting CRM, CMS and logistics moules that have significant, lasting value. In other words, the SINC infrastructure allows us to customize any module quickly to adapt to your organization. The infrastructure was designed to accommodate these changes with minimal effort.