Site Development

The foundation of any website is solid coding



Web Development

The development process is the final step in our approach to any web solution. Once the prototype and design phase has been completed the project is moved to our developers who use the information gathered in the earlier stages to craft and code a final product that reflects the prototype in exacting detail. This is a challenge to not only satisfy you the client, but to satisfy the countless number of internet browsers and versions that exist that your visitors may be using.

Writing The Code

Translation from prototype to final product is far more exacting than it sounds. With the design in hand, our developers must determine what frameworks would serve as the best foundation for the project. Comparisons are made between your website's several projected functions and our existing module solutions. If no existing module is suitable to realize a project objective, customization is considered. Customizations of an existing solution must be planned so as not to disrupt related ERP or CMS modules. In the even that a new module is necessary to meet project goals, our advanced coding staff builds a solution that can be put to use quickly, and further developed at the same time.

Once proper modular solutions are in place for your ERP, CRM, or CMS system, the independent code blocks can be linked together in a structured network to share the SQL information and PHP functions that will define your online system. Construction of a proper PHP/SQL code foundation is vital to development process. It is only after this core system functionality is locked in place, that the CSS team can begin the styling process, while the core development team continues to refine advanced PHP, Javascript, and SQL optimization.

laying the design

For CMS frontends, our CSS developers compare the approved design with the structure produced by the CMS framework, and determine the simplest standard-compliant method to realize the basic layout. The header and footer of the website design are realized first so as to set the overall website theme and colors. The homepage is built next to curtain the development of more advanced pages. Easy-to-read document pages and intelligent online forms are styled to complete the design.

Our ERP and CRM systems already have a consistent style, but may require extra enhancement to meet the project objectives. Objectives requiring unix solutions employ a mix of higher-level PHP, Javascript and CSS, while maintaing the strict XHTML structure. Larger tasks are completed first, so that data input by our team or the client can be visible online in near-final form. After the remaining items are styled and final adjustments are made, live testing can begin.

website testing and support

At this stage of development, data entry is under-way or nearing completion, and our dedicated teams test the CRM and CMS frontend and backend thoroughly. Bugs are removed, improvements are made, and checklists are completed. At the same time, our client is invited to share the website with colleagues in order to find and resolve any remaining issues. When the client is satisfied with the final design result, and the functionality of the CMS and other ERP modules in place, the website will be set to go live.

Even after a successful launch of a new website, our development team remains at the ready for any small changes necessary. In the rare instance a large error is found, efforts are made to remedy the issue, or apply an acceptable temporary solution until the problem is resolved. Your satisfaction is our success.