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We know that many of our clients at one time were challenged to find web design company in China that possessed a comprehensive knowledge of web design, graphic design and programming. Shenzhen has many web design companies describing themselves as a "professional web design company", but potential clients often dismayed when they find the web design company they selected are missing a critical skill sets. SImply by neglecting the importance of a requesting that a web design company clearly define their skill sets and methods before making a commitment companies find themselves out thousands and delayed by months. We make it easy by outlining our approach to web design and providing a design portfolio upfront and by writing a guide to selecting the right web design company so that potential clients are making an informed decisions from the beginning.

Strategic Approach

Web design requires a well planed strategic approach. Simply put, if the design of the website does not anticipate the fundamental choices people make online, the chances that the website will be either productive or profitable are greatly diminished. It is with our comprehensive understanding of what drives those choices that allows us to apply our technical expertise to deliver websites that are not only stunning and feature rich, but are also intuitive from the user’s perspective and achieve results.

Design Form and Function

We emphatically believe that professional web design reflects the proper balance of form and function. The importance of this balance and the role it plays cannot be overstated in the design of an engaging website. In order for your visitor to be engaged they must not only feel a personal connection with the design of the website, but they must also be able to find critical information efficiently and manipulate it in a way that is suitable to their needs. In the design process it is absolutly critical to establish these two key components early in the prototyping process.

Design Form

We see design form as having three fundamental components: Aesthetics, Graphic Elements and Color. These three components will help to create an associative connection or feeling with the visitor. This connection is normally tied to the message you are trying to get across. We see it as critical to establish these elements of design form before proceeding with development.