Website Function - Balancing Website Form And Function

January 14, 2011 — There are three fundamental criteria of functionality that need to be addressed in website design: Usability, Optimized Copy and Standard Components. There are critical criteria such as accessibility and browser compatibility that will be addressed later.

Website Usability

The fundamentals of website usability are fairly intuitive, but often overlook by many web designers. An essential component is the navigation of the website. In order to keep usability simple the website must always have clear and consistent navigation throughout. A website should be designed so that your visitors are able to navigate through your information in a few clicks as possible.

As designers, we strictly adhere to the fundamentals of compatible, scalable design. We ensure that every website we design is scalable for future growth and is not only cross browser compatible, but cross platform compatible.

Optimized Web Copy

Your message is delivered in the body of the web copy. It must be simple with a well defined message and links directing visitors to more dedicated and detailed information.

Providing quality content to your audience is critical to the success of website, but the web copy must also be optimized for search engines (SEO) Before beginning the copy writing process by selecting keywords that are relevant to your goals and objectives. Each page of your site will contain targeted, that once applied within the design will increase the flow of free traffic to your website.

Standard Website Components

No matter the size of the website, whether it's two pages or two hundred, every website design comes standard with a contact page, site map, terms of use and privacy policy.

The contact page is dedicated specifically for users to contact your company through a web form with an auto response feature. A Site map is another aspect of the website design that helps both your visitor and search engines find relevant content. The privacy policy outlines the specific uses of the user of personal data. Terms of Use This protects you and defines the intention and allowable use of your website.

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