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that propel businesses in the global market place



In the rapidly evolving of the global marketplace requires we provide a full range of services and technologies designed to bring the benefits of online commerce and communications to our clients in a cost-effective manner

web design

Web Design

To deliver a rich digital experience to your customers near and abroad,Our principles of web design enable you to offer a highly personalized web environment that reflects an awareness of their needs. Years of experience allows us to anticipate and outline solutions for your needs. Our website analysis will enable us forge a comprehensive web design solution that delivers information and services with immediate effectiveness by focusing on the essentials such as accessibility, usability, and web traffic analysis. Read more...

erp systems

ERP Systems

Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are built ground-up to suit your company. The integrated Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is able to extend your company's value through data integration, increased customer retention and loyalty, and responding effectively to changes in the marketplace. By implementing a content management system (CMS) into a website, companies are ensured fast, consistent, accurate and efficient publication of your intellectual assets and business processes on the Web.   Read more...

web hosting

Web Hosting

Our web hosting services combine with our web design solutions allow our clients to provide their customers with direct website access via their own domain name. Whether you perfer to host in Hong Kong, China, Europe or the United States, our hosting servers provide unparalleled speed and reliability. We provide Linux-based web hosting services. The scope of our hosting services are managed, dedicated servers that ensure a hands on approach that results in a higher quality, more cost-effective solution for our clients with 99% network uptime. Small to medium sized enterprises alike looking to take advantage of the flexibility and high performance of our dedicated web hosting will find working with Aquim nothing less than pleasurable.   Read more...