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  • May09

    Text Shadow - Tutorial and Examples Of How To Shadow Text


    Text shadow allows developers to give dimension to their text and broadening the use of typography in web design. The text-shadow property specifies one or more text shadow effects can be text content of an element. Read More

  • May05

    HTML5 Datetime - A HTML5 Tutorial And Example Of Datetime


    HTML5 introduces a number of new and useful input types to be used in forms. This HTML5 tutorial will focus on the input types date, time, week, month, datetime and datetime-local and demonstrate by example the HTML5 attributes step, min and max. Read More

  • Apr28

    Chinese Web Design From A Western Perspective


    This article attempts to clarify why Chinese web design is the way is its. Why is there so much unrelated content on one page? Why are there so many moving items? Why do all the links open in new windows? How do Chinese users handle the disorganization? Read More

  • Apr12

    jQuery And Ajax Tutorial - Dynamic Inline Form Editing


    This Jquery, Ajax tutorial will focus on creating a script using Jquery, Ajax and PHP that will dynamically update a MySQL database each time a user types in an input field. Included in the tutorial is a working example and script download. Read More

  • Mar30

    Vertical Text in Internet Explorer 8 and Below


    Vertical text is a great design element, but rendering it the same on all browsers takes a little focus. This tutorial will walk you through how to create vertical text in IE 8 and below, and complements our article, Rotated or Vertical Text with CSS3. Read More

  • Mar11

    A Western Web Design Company In China


    Web design in China is a challenge most web designers will never face, but for those who are thinking about opening a web design company in China, this is a required read. This is a practical guide to operating a Western web design company in China. Read More