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  • Jun05

    SME Top Tips For Selecting A Web Design Company For Profit


    Selecting a web design company is like hiring a marketer and a salesman all in one. By understanding the basics of search engines, social media, web design and technology you will be armed with the knowledge to select the right web design company. Read More

  • Apr28

    Chinese Web Design From A Western Perspective


    This article attempts to clarify why Chinese web design is the way is its. Why is there so much unrelated content on one page? Why are there so many moving items? Why do all the links open in new windows? How do Chinese users handle the disorganization? Read More

  • Mar11

    A Western Web Design Company In China


    Web design in China is a challenge most web designers will never face, but for those who are thinking about opening a web design company in China, this is a required read. This is a practical guide to operating a Western web design company in China. Read More

  • Jan14

    Website Function - Balancing Website Form And Function


    There are three fundamental criteria of functionality that need to be addressed in website design: Usability, Optimized Copy and Standard Components. There are critical criteria such as accessibility and browser compatibility that will be addressed later. Read More

  • Jan03

    Website Design Form - Balancing Website Form And Function


    In this two part series will explore the fundamentals of balancing form and function in professional web design. The first in our series will deal with the fundamentals of design form, covering aesthetics, graphical elements and use of color in web design Read More