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  • Sep24

    CSS Gradients - Cross-browser Background Gradients Tutorial


    This CSS back gradient tutorial will provide you with examples will show you how to implement background CSS gradients so that they are not only compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but Internet Explorer as well. Read More

  • Jun17

    Top 5 SEO Strategies To Quickly Increase A Websites Ranking


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the management of website content so that search engines will access it often, accurately, and consider it of interest. Meta content (the hidden data to describe your website to search engine) is only the beginning. Read More

  • Jun05

    SME Top Tips For Selecting A Web Design Company For Profit


    Selecting a web design company is like hiring a marketer and a salesman all in one. By understanding the basics of search engines, social media, web design and technology you will be armed with the knowledge to select the right web design company. Read More

  • May19

    Text Gradients - CSS Text Gradient Tutorial And Example


    Text gradient allows web designers to add gradient styling to text without the need For PNGs. It should be noted that at the time of writing, this pure CSS method for creating text gradients is only viewable in webkit browsers and Chrome. Read More

  • May13

    HTML5 Local Web Storage Database Tutorial And Example


    HTML5 provides a number strong and flexible specifications that allow web developers to create more compelling applications using client-side methods. Perhaps the most useful thus far is HTML5’s Web Storage that allows data storage on a users machine. Read More

  • May13

    HTML5 Web Storage Example And Script Download


    This example HTML5 Web Storage allows users to input contact information that will be stored on their local machine. Combining a small amount of Javascript and HTML5 this script provides a powerful alternative to Session and Cookie storage Read More