Customer Relations

a happy customer is a loyal customer



  • Customer & Relationship Management

    Organize contacts, mange quotes and invoices, and offer multiple user accounts per client.

  • Website Email Integration and Capture

    Automatically reply to customer contact requests and save customer information for system record and staff review.

  • Activity Management, Shared Calendars & Scheduling

    Manage and track meetings, events, and dates online. Work in unison with shared scheduling to keep everyone informed.

  • Sales Lead Generation

    Generate and track sales leads in real-time, compare figures, manage leads with status and notes.

  • Sales Management and Tracking

    Manage sales and staff with status, notes, and e-mail reminders, and track order and customer history.

  • Sales Territory Management

    Set, adjust, overwrite, and review staff access to multiple territories, as well as track relative leads and orders.

  • Sales Quote Generation

    Generate quotes with an easy-to-use editor that produce PDFs or e-mail with data in an organized fashion.

  • Proforma Invoice Generation from Sales Quotes

    Generate invoices per client per order, or encompass multiple criteria to present an accurate, clear record built directly from the original quote.

  • Team Selling with Sales Forecasting and Sales Quotes

    Make team selling effective and organized with activity records, shared resources, sales forecasting, and quick-to-build quotes.

  • Lead Management, Lead Qualification and Lead Scoring

    Organize leads by staff, progress, and territory. Set lead status and utilize automatic or manual scoring to keep your team energized.

  • Cross Browser Compatible IE7+, Chrome 2+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+

    Present clients with a web interface that will function on all major browsers, and match a great original design.

  • Marketing Automation with Event Management

    Track up-to-the-second customer visits, activity, and location, and download up-to-date reports of custom time intervals. Manage sales, discounts, vouchers, and more with multiple criteria.

  • Online Customer Support System and Live Help

    Communicate with customers live through a customizable chat interface featuring multiple operator support, and the ability to record, e-mail, and download conversations.

  • Project Management Extensions Available

    Don't feel limited by basic features. Manage projects with customized extensions that let you do just what you need, how you need.

  • Graphical CRM Reporting

    Forget comparing raw data on a spreadsheet of figures. Download up-to-date charts and graphs of your entire enterprise operation.