Simple yet Powerful

a web content management system that just works



  • Featured Rich-Text Editor

    An integrated text editor you can use to format the styling for web documents. You can add styles such as bold, underline, colors, alignment and lists directly through the editor, making your site look professional right from the outset.

  • Add, Edit and Move Pages

    Our Web Content Management System gives you the ability to add, edit, delete and move pages for instantly updated web pages and menus. Our drag-and-drop navigation lets you visually structure menus with up to three sub-categories.

  • Advanced Editing with HTML

    If you need even greater control of website content, and are able to edit your own HTML, you can add tags, styles, tables, and virtually any kind of HTML or web-based language.

  • Content Approval

    Rather than leaving raw content live on your website for visitors to see, set new pages to "Draft" mode. This way, you can have pages proof-read and checked before switching the page live. Perfect for content approval and complicated document structure.

  • Multilingual Website Content

    Our Web Content Management System allows you to add pages and content in any language, add language-specific characters such as accents and umlauts, including non-Western character sets, such as Chinese and Arabic.

  • Meta-Data Management

    Multilingual meta tags, titles, descriptions and image alt tags can be kept up-to-date and optimized, vastly improving your search engine placement in your target countries.

  • Automated Site Map of your Web Pages

    This feature is essential for any website that changes over time. The site map enables visitors and search engines quickly gain access to the latest version of the exact page they need.

  • Backup Facility via Administration Area

    Backup your website content with the click of a button. Choose between backing up your database to an alternate location on the server or downloading it to your local desktop.