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Logo Design China
  1. The Process
    We begin the logo design process by discussing your products and services to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company's goals and industry specifics. We then take this information and translate it into a distinctive and practical graphical representation that will appeal to your market base by conveying a simple and identifiable single message.

  2. Elements of Design
    Design elements used in the in the logo should be able to visually communicate a clear message or feeling without any intellectual interpretation. Often times creative typography can be just as effective. Take for example Google, Yahoo or Coca-Cola.

  3. Simply Recognized
    The single most fatal mistake in logo design is creating a logo that is too busy or complex. A well designed logo should only contain a single graphical idea or concept. It's important to remember the variety of functions your logo will perform over it's life span.

  4. Form vs. Function
    Versatility of the logo often overlooked. We know your logo must look good on a variety of promotional materials not just your website. We recognize your logo will be applied across a large range of media. It may appear in color or black and white, 3cm square or 3 meters square. No matter the application, we will design your logo to be the perfect fit.

  5. Mark of Distinction
    Distinctive logo design doesn't mean the concept for your logo needs to be a unique as the McDonalds Arches, but we will design the logo to avoid cross-brand confusion and readily recognizable in your market place.

  6. Use of Color
    Color is often one of the most complicated aspects of the logo design. All too often a brilliant design can be misinterpreted or diminished by a poor choice of colors. Logos that rely heavily on the use of a single color can also convey the wrong message between cultures. For example the use of red in logo design is well received in China while in the west this is normally viewed as a stop color.

  7. Your Message.
    The message your logo communicates should be simple and concise. A logo design may convey multiple feelings but the message should always be succinct.

  8. Put Into Context
    The context of the design is as important as any other aspect discussed previously. Put into proper context your logo will communicates your identity, tone, and services. A well designed logo will fail if the positioning or message expressed are at odds with the companies objectives.

  9. The Right Program
    Logo design can be developed on many mediums. Anything from hand drawn to 3D rendering programs. An important aspect to consider is compatibility and scalable. While a hand designed logo may provide a uniqueness unattainable by computer rendering salability becomes a factor. A program such a word may be able to create a nice logo.

  10. Branding Persistence
    In the end, of course, no matter how effective the design of your logo is, it will have very little relevance if your branding isn't carried through properly.